Graduate (University of Chicago)

Course Assistant, Perspectives in Social Science (Autumn 2018)

Undergraduate (University of Chicago)

Thesis Advising
Preceptor, Political Science BA Honors Program (2019-20)

Solo Lectureships
Colonialism at Work: British India in the Nineteenth Century (scheduled for Spring 2020, Hong Kong)
The Comparative Politics of Colonialism (Autumn 2019)
The Global Political Economy: Power and Inequality (Summer 2019, syllabus)
Nationalism, Decolonization, and Postcolonial Sovereignty in South Asia (Autumn 2018, syllabus)

Teaching Assistantships
The International Relations of South Asia (Paul Staniland — Spring 2019)
Introduction to Comparative Politics (Michael Albertus — Spring 2018)
Decolonization and Postcolonial Sovereignty (Dan Slater — Spring 2017)
Social Science Research Methods (Patricia Conley — Spring 2017, Autumn 2017)
First Year Urdu (Autumn 2016, Winter 2017)

K-12 (Teach For America)

Mathematics Teacher, Spring Woods Middle School, Houston, TX (2011-14)